From broodstock to harvest-ready premium quality fish
In the cold and pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean’s Humboldt Current, in the North Chile, we developed the complete Patagonian Hiramasa cycle, from breeding to farming.
Acuinor hatchery
Our hatchery

In the hatchery we care breeding, hatching, and rearing through the early life stages of the Patagonian Hiramasa.

Here we produce larval and juvenile fish with a healthy, clean and sustainable process, from where they are transferred to our farm or to our clients farms, to reach harvest size, free of antibiotics, vaccines and other drugs.

Acuinor farm
Our farm

The company farms Amberjack Hiramasa in its full production cycle on land (land-based), using controlled environment recirculation aquatic systems (RAS), with its own world class, species-specific technology, developed with the aim of achieving a top quality Premium product.

The system can achieve optimal and stable production all year round, independent of seasonal variation, and makes the production predictable for all 365 days, with a permanent control and traceability.

100% land-based farming
/ Sustainability
/ Process Control
/ Traceability
  • Year-round spontaneous/natural spawning.
  • Full production cycle with Recirculation Aquatic System (RAS).
  • Sustainable, ecological and environment-friendly aquaculture.
  • No antibiotics, drugs or hormones of any kind are used.
  • Traceability from broodstock and eggs until the final product.
/ Water Quality
  • Pure and crystalline Antarctic waters from the Humboldt Current.
  • High exchange water renewal for the best fish farming conditions.
  • RAS process with state-of-the-art water treatment technologies.
  • Parasite and disease-free farming system.
/ Feeding & Nutrition
  • Live natural feed for the marine larvae stage.
  • Fish nutrition with no genetically modified feeds.
  • Continuing improvement in nutrition with R&D activities.
  • Development of species-specific high productivity diets.
  • Commitment to developing a more sustainable and efficient nutrition.
/ Product Quality
  • Top quality product.
  • Best sashimi grade.
  • Healthy fatty fish rich in omega-3.
  • Ike-Jime harvesting techniques.
  • Best Choice qualification “Green List”.

Acuinor R & D
R & D

For Acuinor, investment in R & D is the main engine of its management, for which it has established relationships with leading institutions in the fields of genetics, health, nutrition, environment, control systems, bioassays, production processes and sustainable commercial development.