Under the clear southern skies, in the cold and pristine waters of the Pacific ocean’s Humboldt current, the company farms Amberjack Hiramasa in its full production cycle on land (land-based). It uses controlled environment recirculation aquatic systems, with its own world class, species-specific technology, developed with the aim of achieving a top quality Premium product.
100% land based aquaculture

Patagonian Hiramasa

With Patagonian Hiramasa, an exceptional quality product based on responsible and sustainable aquaculture, the company aims to:

  • Lead with a healthy, clean and sustainable production, and a reduced use of marine resources.
  • Provide consumers with products that are free of antibiotics, vaccines and other drugs.
  • Control the hazards of disease transmission, transfer of parasites or the escape of fish into wild populations.
  • Decrease the risks of contamination and environmental effects, through the optimal management of operations and production, with solid and timely data for the on-growing management.
Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)
Acuinor RAS

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) operate by filtering water from the fish (or shellfish) tanks so it can be reused within the tank.

This dramatically reduces the amount of water required to produce seafood. The steps in RAS include solids removal, ammonia removal, CO2 removal and oxygenation.

The main benefit of RAS is the ability to reduce the need for fresh, clean water while still maintaining a healthy environment for fish.

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