Subtle • Versatile • Sustainable
Acuinor premium brand Patagonian Hiramasa
Also known as / Hiramasa / Amberjack Hiramasa / Yellowtail Hiramasa
Scientific name Seriola lalandi lalandi
Patagonian Hiramasa Nigiri

Patagonian Hiramasa has all the superior features of a premium category marine fish, due to the characteristics of its flesh, the versatility of its uses and the advantages of its 100% land-based farming.

Patagonian Hiramasa Slicing

The extraordinary quality of its flesh has led to its becoming an essential product for the world’s most discerning chefs and for the growing market of consumers of top quality nutritional food.

Patagonian Hiramasa

Its farming in controlled production systems meets the highest sanitary and sustainability standards in aquaculture production, providing consistent quality and permanent availability throughout the year.

What chefs say about Patagonian Hiramasa
What chefs say about Patagonian Hiramasa

It is a superior quality product with high protein content, rich in omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA), healthy and with excellent nutritional properties, a splendid source of health for consumers.

Its brightly colored flesh and attractive appearance, presents a firm, consistent and flavorful texture. It is very easy to handle in various types of cuts and uses for different preparations, expanding the product presentation options with endless gastronomic alternatives.

Chefs have described its organoleptic qualities as:

"A delicately marbled flesh, with a pale pink tone, a smooth buttery flavor, sweet and clean. Its rich fatty content gives definition in the mouth, with a firm texture that provides a great sensation, very delicate. To sum up: the best.”

Suggested Uses
Sashimi grade, sushi, nigiri and Peruvian recipes, such as ceviche and tiraditos.
Quick sealed at high heat, keeping the center tender.
Over live coals.

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Whole / Gutted
Gilled and gutted
Headed and gutted
Japanese fillet
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